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Mexican Happy Hour in Gramercy Happens Here

It’s Where You’ll Find Tuna Tartare Tacos and Frozen Margarita-Sangria Drinks

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Would you look at that: spring. Finally.

Let us welcome it with a Mexican spot to enjoy happy hour with doors flung open to the newly temperate outside world.

It’s called Street Taco: it’s a colorful, cavernous, low-key Mexican spot, and it’s open now in Gramercy.

You’ll find the place to be pretty damn nice-looking: some white-glazed brick archways divvying up the space, cobalt-blue booths and bright yellow chairs, murals by a Manhattan tattoo artist, a lone golden disco ball (they scarcely come in pairs). There are plenty of places to post up with a date or a group of friends for happy hour, but we might suggest a booth by the front, near the (hopefully, probably) open windows. Throw all fears of imminent headaches or hangovers to the wind and go for a Tsunami, which is a frozen margarita swirled with frozen sangria.

Now, your taco options are plentiful, and come out of an actual VW van, à la Tacombi. Lamb barbacoa, fried shrimp with slaw and sweet chili, al pastor with grilled pineapple salsa. There’s even a tuna tartare option to consider. Find all that good stuff on the menu, which is right here.

And should you need some photos to convince you of all this goodness and the place in which you’ll consume it, we’ve got those, too. They’re right here.
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