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Hey, Look, Your Dinner Plate Is Levitating

A New Collection of Floating Housewares, Because It’s 2017, Dammit

By Kevin Gray ·
The humble plate comes in many shapes and sizes. But the prevailing theme: it’s flat, and for holding food.

Except now, it also floats.

So that’s new.

And it can be explained by the Levitating X Collection, which comes from the sorcerers who brought you that levitating cup you might’ve seen a while back. Now, they’re really going for it, with an entire line of floating items that includes a plate, a display pillow (don’t try resting your head on it), a plant and some kind of weird decorative thing. It’s all on Kickstarter now and raising funds fast, so if all goes well, it will begin shipping in June.

If anyone asks how it all works, just nonchalantly say, “It’s magic.” But if pressed for a not-ridiculous answer, then you can tell your inquisitor that it’s all due to the electromagnetic suspension technology featured in the hovering item’s base, which allows said item to float effortlessly just a couple inches above. And it works with the push of a button. Which still sounds pretty damn magical.

But back to the plate... It’s a classic white number that’s more of a serving platter than something you’d want to eat on. Mostly because applying pressure would make it all wobbly. But it can admirably hold an arrangement of sushi, some canapés or whatever else. That bit seems less important.

Because the plate is levitating, see.
Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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