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Every Meal of the Day, Every Day of the Week in the Mission

Oh, and the Bottomless Mimosas Almost Never Stop Happening

By Joe Starkey ·
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You know how your favorite meal is breakfast?

... and lunch?

... and dinner?

... and also brunch?

Well, that’s totally going to work in your favor at Brown Sugar Factory, a new place on Valencia that serves every meal of the day, every day of the week. It’s open now, here’s the slideshow, and here’s the menu.

You and your breakfast buddy/lunch partner in crime/dinner date will walk into the teal-and-coral-painted dining room and select a sunny spot by the large windows. If it’s a more intimate affair, head past the granite bar to a quieter table in the back.

Hey, neat. You’ve found a seat. And if you’ve done so around breakfast, brunch or lunch, you might opt for some french toast with vanilla mascarpone or perhaps a spicy pulled-pork burger. If you’ve done so around dinner, you’ll notice that the menu just got a little bit Asian on you. Shrimp tempura. Crispy pad thai. Udon noodle soup. Things like that.

Whichever choice you’ve made, rest easy knowing that, yes, they’ve got bottomless mimosas every day until 3pm.

We’re operating under the assumption that you were losing sleep over that.
Joe Starkey

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.


Brown Sugar Factory
525 Valencia St
(at 16th)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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