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Japanese Automation at Its Most Delicious

From a Place Called Yo! Sushi

By Geoff Rynex ·
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It’s rare that weather can be at the same time much less and much more horrible than you could have imagined, but, hey, miracles happen in New York every day.

Thursday’s miracle: Yo! Sushi, an essential conveyor of Japanese lunch delights down belts in Flatiron, opening the day after next.

Yo! comes to us primarily by way of the UK and presumably asks that you speak its name enthusiastically, each and every time you use it. Its reason for being is to perpetuate an Oz-like curtain of mystery behind things like albacore-and-truffle sashimi and chicken katsu by mostly serving them via conveyor belt. It’s their thing.

Another of their things is to have some dishes that are only available here in our city—tempura nori tacos with spicy tuna or yuzu salmon and avocado, and various aburi (flame-seared) sushi among those choices (check out a menu, and a whole lot of photos of food here). You’ll also have access to the benefits of their full liquor license, specifically yuzu margaritas and matcha gimlets.

It should be noted that you can also just order what you want from a server or at the counter, but that involves 100% less conveyor belt, so who needs it?
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