Blue Ribbon Federal Grill

Blue Ribbon Has a Big New Blue Ribbon

It’s Pub Food That Barely Resembles Pub Food

By Geoff Rynex ·
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And through winter’s unwelcome resurgence, the Blue Ribbon juggernaut rolls on, this time with a versatile take on a date venue/business spot/cocktail provider called Blue Ribbon Federal Grill, which is open softly on the ground floor of AKA Wall Street in FiDi.

Know these tid-sized bits going in: the menus are nicely organized—with food having “field,” “sea” and “pasture” sections, and the cocktail side with a matrix structure classifying everything by strength and adventurousness. Always good to know where you stand there. Also expect a welcome integration of casual diners and business diners with a strong after-work crowd.

Focus on looking at it now and then making plans to visit.

Enjoy your S days.

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