Two Very Different New West Loop Lounges Within Walking Distance of One Another

Tonight, You Go to Both

By Sarah Freeman ·
None 17 Photos The Hive and The Backdoor Saloon
There’s a new El track-adjacent lounge on the second floor of Honey’s called the Hive.

There’s a new saloon on the second floor of Grange Hall called the Backdoor Saloon.

They’re both open now in the West Loop, this is what they look like, and on the off chance you don’t want to choose, here’s how to bide your time between them tonight, hour-by-hour...

7pm: Up the stairs inside the atrium of Honey’s you go. You’ve arrived at the Hive and are pleased to see that they’re keeping things cozy with mismatched velvet couches and a marble bar flanked by palm fronds.

7:15pm: A visit to said bar reveals that, in lieu of a menu, buttoned-up bartenders are ready to make the concoction of your choice. Choose wisely. Repeat.

8pm: You’re getting hungry. And while the white-tablecloth restaurant downstairs has all the glazed duck your heart desires, it’s time for a change. And maybe some country music.

8:15pm: You mosey a mere five blocks over to Grange Hall. Past a set of swinging doors upstairs is, yes, the Backdoor Saloon, a Westworld-y scene with gilded mirrors, a brass horse-head bar rail and Mole Manhattans.

9pm: The 32-ounce bone-in ribeye arrives and you think to yourself, “Did I really order this?” Yes. Yes you did.

10pm: A singer takes the stage under a crimson-and-gold curtain. If it was Saturday night, it would be a burlesque dancer.

Saturday night: Right, we know where to find you.
Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.

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