From Sugarfish, KazuNori

The Official NoMad Hand Roll of Los Angeles

By Geoff Rynex ·
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The new lunch champion of NoMad has arrived.

It’s from Los Angeles, it’s a relative of Sugarfish, and, sorry, but you won’t be the only one there.

It’s KazuNori, a place with a long, sleek counter and a bunch of hand roll specialists waiting to make you fundamentally sound temaki. It’s open as of today.

This is one of those operations where you’ll fill out what you want on the menu with a pencil, and then receive it. You can go the à la carte route if you really like using pencils, or there are a few set menus ranging from three to six hand rolls. Such rolls might include yellowtail, lobster, bay scallop, toro—all wrapped up with crispy nori and nestled in a bed of warm rice (photos of some here).

The environs in which you’ll enjoy these consist almost entirely of a basic blond-wood counter, and when the liquor license fairy makes her appearance, you’ll be able to wash all this down with beer and sake. For now, make do with tea and the camaraderie that comes with having waited an ungodly amount of time with your fellow counter diners for the privilege of consuming all this delicious simplicity.

We’re all in this together.
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