Coco Champagne Lounge

Caviar-Topped Things and So Much Champagne in River North

To Say Nothing of the Basement Wine Cellar and Backroom Whiskey Bar

By Sam Eichner ·
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Before we proceed to our regularly scheduled programming, we thought we’d ask: you didn’t happen to give up unabashedly hedonistic champagne lounges and/or caviar-topped foods for Lent (or, like, in general), did you?

Great, just double-checking.

Because, lo and behold, a place called Coco Champagne Lounge now exists. It’s very dazzling, very sexy and perhaps overly prepared to ply you and your date with bubbly drinks and sesame-chili bison tartare in River North. Here’s your slideshow.

Now, what you’ve got here is a fully functioning restaurant—for osetra-caviar-topped crispy eggs, mini lobster rolls and other such deliciousness—that’s lousy with red leather booths, marble tables and giant crystal chandeliers.

Well, until 10pm, that is.

Because that’s when it becomes a cozy drinking den where you can imbibe tequila-forward champagne drinks and make unnecessary toasts into the wee hours of the morning, should you so desire.

Oh, and you might do well to inquire about their membership program. Becoming a member, after all, is the best way to gain access to their invitation-only basement wine cellar, backroom scotch/whiskey bar and—once it’s complete—full-service penthouse lounge.

Unless all of that just really isn’t your thing.
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