There Are Two Very Different New Steak Places to Discuss Today

And You Should Know That Only One of Them Likes Chairs

By Ilana Dadras ·
None 20 Photos Greenwich Steakhouse and Ikinari Steak
A good steak.

Sometimes you want it topped with bone marrow butter and served to you in a luxe townhouse...

And sometimes you just want to eat one while casually standing around.

(And if you’ve never thought about wanting to stand around eating a steak, you just might in the next couple minutes.)

The two new places you must now know about are Greenwich Steakhouse and Ikinari Steak, and both are open now in the West and East Village, respectively. We’re going to break them down, tale-of-the-tape-style, for your benefit. We’ll do that now.

The Pedigree
Greenwich Steakhouse: Manning the kitchen is a Smith & Wollensky vet, and taking care of the drink situation you’ve got a Dutch Kills and Maison Premiere alum. So you’re in good hands across the board.
Ikinari Steak: Though this is their first stateside spot, these guys have more than 60 locations in Tokyo. So they’re not exactly new at this.

The Scene
GS: You’ll enter an airy West Village townhouse full of white-and-mirrored walls, velvet bar stools and crystal chandeliers. Up on the second floor, you’ll find a dining room with a sort of cruise ship vibe. (We’re going with cruise ship vibe, at least. We blame the murals. You’ll see.)
IS: Let’s get this out of the way: they have a real disregard for chairs. You’ll order a side with a server, drop off your steak preferences at the nearby meat station and then wait at your booth for your meat to arrive, where you will eat it, while standing.

The Sustenance
GS: The quintessential raw bar, double-cut lamb chops, four-week-aged ribeyes, truffle fries... Yeah, they really excel at the steakhouse theme.
IS: Sirloins, filets and ribeyes, which you’ll order by the gram. And soup, salad and rice can happen, if you want.

The Drinks
GS: Focus on the cocktails, where they’ve got such gems as Great Kills (bourbon, cacao, mole bitters) and bottled drinks like the Felt That (tequila, jalapeño, pear, saltwater), which they’ll serve by the bucket if you’re with a group.
IS: A few whites and reds, Sapporo, that kind of thing. The point here is to be in and out, so there’s not much of a stress on drinks.

The Photos
Right here for both.
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