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A Refurbished Dive with Rum Old Fashioneds and Midnight Chicken Nuggets

By Sam Eichner ·
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It would be a shame to waste this unseasonably not-freezing day hunkered down in a dusky dive bar, drinking rum raisin Old Fashioneds and eating butter burgers.

Tonight, however...

Tonight, that sounds pretty fucking fantastic.

So once the sun goes down, head straight to Deadbolt. It’s a very easy place to have a very good time in what, for the last half-century or so, was the Two Way Lounge. It opens tonight in Logan Square, and these are the relevant pictures.

Vintage cast-iron chandeliers. Black lounge-style booths. Unironic pitchers of Old Style and an aggressive lack of pretension. Yes, this place has all the hallmarks of those actually nice cocktail bars dressed down in traditional dive bar garb we Chicagoans love so much.

You’ll probably start out here with some lively conversation and a few Chronic and Tonics, which is any spirit plus their herby, housemade hop syrup. Eventually, a musician or DJ will take the back stage, you’ll order a Glenlivet cocktail and good times will ensue. By which we mean, dancing.

Later, when hunger strikes, you’ll return to the bar. That’s where you can order Michelin-starred chef Shin Thompson’s “stoner cuisine”: white cheddar butter burgers, spicy steak-and-egg omelets, hand-breaded chicken nuggets...

Finally, a dive bar with chicken nuggets.
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