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Ramen Is Required Today

So Mokbar Did Something for You

By Geoff Rynex
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How good does some hot ramen sound right now?

We thought as much.

That’s why today we bring tidings of Mokbar Brooklyn, the welcome stand-alone version of the Korean ramen gem that’s been in Chelsea Market the past couple years. It’s open now.

As a public service, we want to start here: if you’re lacking in appropriate footwear for today, head here.

Now, on to hot, steamy, warming goodness. If you’ve been to the Chelsea Market version of this place, you know it’s a phenomenal stop for very rich ramen, with not enough seats. They’ve solved that problem with this, along with the problem of pre-Barclays meals. They’ve also added the whole concept of jipbap, which is usually kind of a family-style soul food, meat-based operation, with a bunch of banchan (all those wonderful side dishes they give you). But here it’s going to be just for you and any will to share that may overtake you. “None” is an acceptable answer.

Of course, you’ll want to drink. That’s part of your MO. So at some point very soon they’re going to have an extensive selection of soju and cocktails based on Korean ingredients. Also teas.

Yeah, like you were going with teas.

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