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Let’s sigh and move on to Norman, a gleaming beacon of natural light, preserved veggies and general Nordic-ness from an all-star team of chefs you’re likely already familiar with, opening soon in Greenpoint.

Specifically, it’ll be opening inside one of those warehouses-cum-creative-co-working spaces, flush with open rafters, floor-to-ceiling windows and the type of crowd that’s bound to appreciate plates so lovingly crafted by Fredrik Berselius (Aska) and Claus Meyer (Agern, and co-founder Noma). You’ll forgive us for restaurant-dropping, in this case.

There’s a damn-near obsession with freshness and seasonal ingredients here, so the menu will change pretty much daily. Mornings, grab some space at the bar counter and settle in with some ymer (sounds like ew-mer, tastes like yogurt) with fruit and granola or a house-made pastry. Afternoons, they’ll be doing things European workplace-style, which basically means you’ll have whatever the main-of-the-day is with whatever the side-of-the-day is—anywhere else, you might be averse to such a lack of options, but here, you’d be smart to leave it up to them. And evenings are for posting up at the communal tables with a group of friends, or snagging seats at the chef’s counter with a date and sharing some very good, very Nordic, well, we’re not sure what. But you’d be safe to expect something like the dry-aged rib eye with chamomile-poached cabbage, the likes of which we’ve placed in this slideshow.

Once again, thank you Scandinavia.
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29 Norman Ave
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