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There Will Be Pulled Meats

By Ilana Dadras ·
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In our never-ending mission to help you never stand at a make-your-own-salad bar again between the hours of 12 and 2, we’ve got another gem of a lunch spot for you today.

Those of you who work in the general Bryant Park area, rejoice: here’s Two Forks, full of pulled meats and slaws and sauces, and opening this very Thursday.

It’s important to note the guys behind this spot have such names as the Dead Rabbit, Le District and Harry’s Italian under their collective belt. So you can probably trust their take on lunch. You’ll find the menu right here. As you can see, it runs the gamut of global influences, while maintaining a consistent pulled-foods-over-shredded-foods concept.

If you’re feeling creative, start with a potato bun or bowl of smashed chickpeas and take it from there. Top it with shredded Colorado lamb, Amish chicken, grass-fed beef, whatever. Add some butternut squash/apple/goat cheese slaw. Add some green herb sauce. Throw some chili on top. Or, sure, go with something someone who knows more about flavor combinations came up with.

Speaking of which, you’ll find such bowls filled with pulled beef, roasted cabbage and parmesan-lemon slaw right in here, along with visions of the space itself.

Off you go...
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