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Late-Night Crack Pies and Cereal Milk White Russians

Milk Bar Storms the Cosmopolitan

By Sam Eichner ·
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Milk Bar is open at the Cosmopolitan.

The one founded by double James Beard Award–winning pastry chef Christina Tosi.

The one that’s been plying the East Coast with cake truffles and crack pies for years.

The one whose desserts are prominently featured in this slideshow.

Right, that Milk Bar. Vegas now has a carry-out location all its own.

Here’s what that means for you.

1) You are now privy to all of Tosi’s signature desserts. The salty-sweet compost cookie. The cereal milk ice cream. And the buttery, totally legal crack pie.

2) It’s all available to you until 2am. Which is a dangerous, crazy, wonderfully Vegas-ian thought.

3) With three days’ notice, they’ll bake you a mighty fine layer cake for a friend’s bachelor party, Elvis-led anniversary or less specific occasion nonetheless requiring layer cake.

4) In addition to the classics, Vegas gets some location-exclusive desserts, like a cereal milk White Russian milkshake, housemade soft-serve blended with pie and cookie crumbs (they’re called MilkQuakes) and—did we mention the cereal milk White Russian milkshake? Oh. We did.

5) You have a fitting nightcap after your evening at David Chang’s Momofuku, which just opened next door.

Plot twist.
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