Things to do for January 04, 2017

Both Rolling Stones Milkshakes and a Spanking Station

There Are a Couple Real Gems This Weekend

By Ilana Dadras

Drake’s Things. Not That Drake.

Drake’s Things. Not That Drake.

Drake’s, purveyor of linen-blend button-downs, printed merino scarves and, of course, some of the finest hand-rolled silk ties this side of anywhere, is currently in the midst of their winter sale—with 30% coming off of all such things. Do your reflection a favor and get over there.

Ongoing, Drake’s, 120 Prince St (between Greene and Wooster), 212-966-6902

What, You’ve Never Had a Rolling Stones Shake?

What, You’ve Never Had a Rolling Stones Shake?

The milkshake whisperers of Black Tap created this Paint It Black milkshake to commemorate Exhibitionism, the Stones exhibit that’s at Industria in the West Village—which you should check out, if you haven’t yet. It’s a strawberry shake with a vanilla-frosted rim coated in pink, white and blue Sixlets, topped with a Rolling Stones cookie, whipped cream and sprinkles. Keef survived the ’70s on them.

Available Jan 6-8 at all Black Tap locations

It’s the Place to Be This Weekend

It’s the Place to Be This Weekend

Friday: House of Yes has officially been around for a year—an occasion to be celebrated with go-go aerialists, cake, good tunes and strong drinks.
Saturday: They’ll host a pants-free dance party: butt beauty parlor, spank station and underwear boutique not sold separately.

Fare thee well, resolutions.

Jan 6, 10pm-4am, no cover with RSVP; Jan 7, 10pm-4am, $15-$25; House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave (at Jefferson), Brooklyn, 646-838-4937, tickets here

Clinging to the Holidays with Hard Drinks

Clinging to the Holidays with Hard Drinks

Saturday is the last day you can bring a date to this extravagantly decorated heated outdoor beer garden with mulled wine, hard ciders and seasonal drinks. After that, you’ll just have to bring them to a heated outdoor beer garden, which studies show is approximately two-thirds less impressive.

Jan 7, noon-2am, Loreley Beer Garden, 7 Rivington St (between Chrystie and Bowery), 212-253-7077

A Very Appropriate Place to Watch the Golden Globes

A Very Appropriate Place to Watch the Golden Globes

You could watch the Golden Globes on your couch. Or you could watch them at Nitehawk’s downstairs bar, Lo-Res, where they’ll have movie-specific dishes like beer-battered cod and fries (Manchester by the Sea) and barbecue chicken skewers with pineapple-avocado salsa (La La Land). Not that couches aren’t great.

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