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Baking Fresh Cookies with Your Phone Seems More Reasonable by the Day

Even Cookie Ovens Are Getting the “Smart” Treatment

By Kevin Gray ·
There are few things in this world that offer the life-affirming comfort of a fresh-baked cookie during the holidays.

Maybe a warm sweater. Or a puppy. Or a puppy wearing a warm sweater and delicately balancing a tray of fresh-baked cookies on its nose... while softly barking Christmas carols. That comes close.

But for now, let’s just focus on cookies and this new innovation in the making thereof. It’s called the Chip Smart Cookie Oven, and it’s merging the time-tested joy of cookie baking with the more recent joy—well, ubiquitousness—of automation and mobile apps. They’re raising funds on Kickstarter now with plans to begin shipping these things out next fall. You’ll probably still like cookies then.

So, a device that turns cookie dough into warm, baked cookies that are melty in all the right places. That would be an oven. Those exist. But imagine that said oven were specifically engineered to bake cookies and only cookies, and that you could control everything via your phone. That’s this. Neat.

You’ll eventually be able to order dough directly through the app, or just drop in your own. Bake them right then (it only takes about 10 minutes), or don’t. If you want those cookies to start baking while you’re out, or exactly 30 minutes after your party guests arrive, just say so via the app (you’ve got a four-hour window after adding the dough) and they’ll be waiting for you. You don’t even need to set the temperature, as the oven knows how to bake different kinds of cookies and will handle that important step by measuring the temperature at all times to ensure perfectly even baking.

It’ll even notify you by phone when they’re done, but say you’re not ready. Say your holiday party got a little out of hand and Susan’s stuck in the chandelier again. In that case, the oven will automatically keep those cookies warm for up to two hours. So no worries.

Well, maybe some worries.
Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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