7 Gifts for Her

Let’s Make Everyone Else Look Less Great

By Geoff Rynex ·

It’s time for her to get her gift and/or gifts from you. Let’s just absolutely make sure that those are really excellent ones. Actually, you don’t really need to do anything but the purchasing part, because we found the real winners. Here those are:


Because no one else is going to have anything even vaguely like it. $1,984, Artsy


Just an Hermès 2014 Matte Himalaya Nilo Crocodile Retourne Kelly bag. That’s all. $120,000, Christie’s


Bespoke lingerie appointments. Sure, maybe this is more for you. But this’ll make the whole thing a team effort. Prices vary, Luna Mae London


A purse-size champagne bottle, because she’s far too good for a flask. $150 (available December 1), Armand de Brignac


Yeah, right, like she’s not about to snuggle up on the couch with some tea and these merino-cashmere socks on. $30, American Trench


Yes, there is in fact an international chocolate award ceremony. And this year, in the Best Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate Bar category, the fine folks of Bonnat Chocolatier took home the gold. We thus recommend one of their bars. $5-$7, Bonnat Chocolatier


It’s a personalized throw blanket of a seasonal tree with your initials embroidered on it. You win. $135, Uncommon Goods

Geoff Rynex

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