Here Are Five of the Most Handsome Footballs in the World

Because the Super Bowl Is Coming Up. And Because Why Not.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
In a few short weeks, the Atlanta Falcons will face off against the New England Patriots in a very American sporting event called the Super Bowl. (We assume you’ve heard of it.)

To hold you over until the big day, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up five of the most handsome footballs in the world, for no other reason than that they’re five of the most handsome footballs in the world.

Throw them.

Catch them.

But whatever you do, don’t deflate them...

Yep, this football is covered in brindle hair. It’s... not practical for throwing, or catching, or any other generally football-related activities. And yet, it’s kind of great. $175, Leather Head Winston Hair on Cow Hide Football

This is a faux-alligator-skin football from Horween Leather in Chicago. We’re not sure why it exists, but we’re sure glad it does. $90, Horween Leather Faux Alligator Football

By far the most chic football on this list. $350, Killspencer Black Leather Football

A football from the gridiron of Motor City to your gridiron. $150, Shinola Leather Football

This is what they’ll be throwing around during commercials. $100, Wilson “The Duke” Football

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