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By Ilana Dadras ·
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Voting: one of our great American duties.

Bringing you news that everyone in Los Angeles’s favorite sushi spot just landed in our own fair city: a duty that’s very clearly on us. And one you’re probably more excited to read about at this point, if we had to guess.

So here’s Sugarfish: no, really, it’s figuratively everyone in Los Angeles’s favorite sushi spot, and it’s now open in Flatiron.

Everything here is pretty sparse and minimal—from the interior (heavy in wood and exposed brick and not much else) to the limited menu options (sushi, sashimi, more sushi) to the way your food comes plated (garnishes, be damned). You’ll see what we mean in this slideshow.

But what it lacks in decorative succulents and impressive-looking sauce swirls, it makes up for in quality of fish and integrity of offerings. There will be no spicy tuna with brown rice rolls. There will be no caviar-topped, gold-dipped lobster rolls. Here, you’ll choose from a few different tasting menus questionably named Trust Me Lite, Trust Me and Nozawa—the latter of which is named after the chef, and is the most comprehensive of the three.

So order a Sapporo or some sake, make your way through seven to 10 courses of tuna sashimi, albacore sushi and toro hand rolls, and join the cult group of devotees.

Eh, what the hell; join the cult.
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