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With a Chef Who Trained at Noma

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Everything here is very clean, and everything here is very meticulously put-together and attractive, and...

Sorry. Got ahead of ourselves a little with N’eat, an obnoxiously named East Village Nordic spot that will nevertheless quickly be responsible for your soon-to-be-found love of squid noodles. It opens tonight.

Noma, in Denmark, is pretty much the gold standard of Nordic restaurants that this blue-and-green orb in the universe has to offer, and the chef here at N’eat came from there. Take that however you’d like. We’d also recommend you take a date to have a spirited conversation on the merits of raw mackerel with nasturtium, green tomato and horseradish (photos of that and more here).

What you’ll find with said date is a couple of warm, rustic-modern (of course) rooms featuring things like whitewashed brick and expertly treated wood and impressive walls of wine. You’ll also find plates that border on high art when adorned with braised short rib and pickled berries (here’s a menu with that and their other offerings). They also immediately hold the title of New York restaurant most proud of their onion dish, which incorporates pickled onion, silver onion, pear and smoked crème.

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