10 Gifts for Friends

They’re Bound to Like Something in Here

By Nathan Wahl ·
Friends are important.

You have them. Taylor has them. Brad and George... have each other.

What’s also important: getting them a great gift so they know how much you appreciate them. So what follows is just a few things we think say “I appreciate you.”

Without being so weird about it...

Your friends aren’t the type who clutter their lives with boring black rectangles. Help them embrace the beauty that is these wireless speakers, which are in fact walnut and mahogany triangles. $350, Site:1 Wireless Speaker

That one friend with a canoe is about to get a new lucky paddle... presumably replacing their old lucky paddle. $180, Artisan Painted Paddles

This beard oil is a blend of essential oils that’ll make your friend’s beard look conditioned and clean. Which should matter to you since you’re the one who has to look at it. $15-$80, Beard Oil

So maybe you have a friend who’s into sports memorabilia. And maybe their name would look great embossed into a Horween leather baseball. And that’s exactly what this is. $40, Lemon Ball Baseballs

If you don’t have a friend who was saddened by his death, then maybe you need new friends. $10, Bowie Pin

A pocketknife is a smart thing to carry. But it can’t just be any old pocketknife. It should be something like this one made from stainless steel and white oak. Hopefully your friend’s into white oak. $150, The County Pocketknife

For your outdoorsy friend: a water bottle that converts from water bottle to pint glass. So they can climb a mountain and promptly crack open a cold one at the summit. $32, The Pint Canteen

This is a coffee-table book full of motorcycles built around World War I. So either you have a friend who likes motorcycles or you have a friend with... a coffee table. $125, Timeless American

You’ve got your artsy friends. You’ve got your friends who’d rather just hang out at the beach all day. And now you have a beach towel from contemporary art superstar Ryan McGinley to bring them together. $95, Ryan McGinley Beach Towel, 2014

Because friends don’t let friends have coolers that don’t hold 72 beer cans and blast insanely high-quality sound. $1,400, Alpine ICE Cooler
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