10 Gifts for Your Colleagues and Clients

Hope You’re Comfortable with the Title of “Office Hero”

By Sam Eichner ·
You’re making your list. You’re checking it twice.

You’re trying to find out who’s...


You totally forgot to include all those coworkers and clients of yours again, didn’t you...

Not to worry, because we took it upon ourselves to do the remembering for you this year. Below, you’ll find a wondrous bounty of promotion-worthy gifts for the people in and around your office.

Study up. Someone’s weekday depends on it.

Q: Set of jacks or fancy-looking brass paperweight? A: Both, though it’s kind of hard to tell. Q: Is that the point? A: That’s the point. $95, Jack Puzzle

Here’s a monthly subscription service that delivers different single-origin coffees from around the world to that guy in your office who simply insisted on replacing the Keurig. $60-$199, Atlas Coffee Club

Remember when people used to drink at work, and that was totally okay? Well, so does this handsome globe-shaped decanter. $181, Edgar Brass Cube Stopper Decanter

And speaking of office shenanigans, here’s a glossy coffee-table book from Taschen filled with stills and script excerpts from Mad Men. $200 (preorder now for December), Matthew Weiner. Mad Men

Behold: the mother of all office putting greens. It A) adjusts to create 50 different combinations of rises, breaks and slopes, and B) gives you an idea for what to get for yourself. $1,795, Brunswick Ross Putting Green

Word is, somebody in the office will be having Joe’s famous New York pizza for lunch one day soon. Other word is, that person is very beholden to you. $79, Joe’s Famous New York Pizza

There’s not a single person within your sphere of influence who couldn’t use this Moleskine writing set that transfers analog notes to a digital tablet in real time. But let’s just say some people could use it more than others. $199, Smart Writing Set

Disclaimer: this French-leather briefcase from Ghurka will be extremely difficult to part with. So just know that it’s going to be making a special client of yours very, very happy. $1,195-$1,595, Examiner No. 5

This is your opportunity to be the hero who orders massages for the entire damn office. Don’t blow it. Prices vary, Soothe at Work

We assume your favorite client has a good sense of humor. Hence... $125-$649, Robert Mankoff New Yorker Cartoon Premium Giclée Print
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