10 Gifts for Relatives

No Wonder You’re the Family Favorite if You Give Gifts Like These

By Najib Benouar ·

They say it is better to give than to receive.

And since “they” happen to be all of your family members, you’re on the hook for some familial
gifting. Luckily, we’ve put together this very handy and unnecessarily specific gift guide (which may or
may not apply to a totally different metalhead uncle than we assumed) that you can peruse below.

You’ve got that one cousin who’s very into both streetwear and baseball. Maybe his name is
Kendrick. Maybe it’s something else eight letters or less that can be monogrammed onto this slick
limited-edition, hand-threaded, sheepskin-lined baseball glove, which is basically the equivalent of a rare
pair of sneakers for one of your hands. $1,350, Killspencer Leather Baseball Glove

So your brother loves beer and has always dreamt of opening his own brewery, but will never have
the time or space. Well, now he doesn’t have any of those excuses, because you’re giving him this rapid
beer brewer that takes only two hours and about a week of waiting to make your own suds. He’d better name
a brew after you. $799, Pico

Your dad’s always been well put-together, but lately he’s been making some major late-in-life
style moves that would make Jeff Goldblum nod in assent. Dad will want to make sure to read the latest from
stylish man-about-town and noted men’s style writer David Coggins. $30, Men and

Your sister is a collector—of art, of knickknacks, of trays that those things inevitably end up
organized atop... Beat her to the punch by giving her this featuring artwork from photographer Gray Malin,
which is both art and a tray at the same time. $295, Gray Malin Beach Tray

Some people actually appreciate the gift of socks this time of year. Like a certain older
gentleman in your life, a certain uncle, say. This uncle also appreciates the gift of hair metal. Which is
why these are calling for his feet. $15, Legends Kiss Socks

Your grandma has always worn her love for Frank Lloyd Wright on her sleeve. Now she can wear it on
her lapel, a slightly better place than her sleeve. $12, Mid Mod Pin Guggenheim

Spit wads. Slingshots. Snowballs. You’ve got a little rapscallion in your life with incredible
aim, but instead of using that power for mischief, help them harness it for good. Or barring that, a worthy
target. Which this handsome Belgian one is. $128, Best Made Co.
Belgian Dart Set

You’ve always told your sister-in-law you’d buy her a boat. Why you tell your sister-in-law
that is none of our business. Just know that this one can fit under the tree and look good on top of a
Subaru. $799, Innova Swing II Packable Kayak

There’s a certain older lady in your family. Sweet gal. But she could be sweeter: hence, a big
giant cube of maple syrup direct from Vermont. Yes, a solid brick of the good stuff. $25.75, Tonewood Solid Maple Cube

It’s weird, but over the years you’ve begun realizing something about your grandpa’s style:
the cane, the top hat, the spats... He dresses a lot like Mr. Peanut. Or maybe Mr. Peanut dresses like your
grandfather. Either way: Gramps needs this monocle. $50, Warby Parker + Darcel

Najib Benouar

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