9 Gifts for Party Hosts

Champagne Swords, Punch Bowls and Other Ways to Ensure You’re Invited Back

By Hadley Tomicki ·
Here’s to the people who are always having everyone else over.

The people who work to ensure good times are had, drinks are refilled and the cocktail shrimp are plentiful.

The people who deserve champagne sabers, Jurassic centerpieces and handsome hip flasks. And will actually use them.

So to show your appreciation to the perennial host in your life, consult this handy gift guide for the kinds of items that will keep the celebratory flame lit for years to come.

And cement your name on future guest lists.

In some big news, Shinola is now making exceedingly handsome turntables in collaboration with VPI. In other big news, you’re now someone’s favorite Secret Santa.
$2,500, The Runwell Turntable by Shinola

The more bird’s eye chili and black pepper simple syrups you give to people, the more drinks they’ll offer you with bird’s eye chili and black pepper simple syrups.
$12-$50, Blank Slate Kitchen Simple Syrups

Them: “Hey, look at that, it’s a punch bowl. Thanks!”
You: “Correction. It’s a punch bowl designed by legendary punch expert David Wondrich.”
Them: “Oh, neat. Did you bring any rum?”
$40, David Wondrich Classic Collection Punch Bowl

Sometimes your host is so busy, they don’t have time to pour themselves a drink. That’s why you’re giving them a Saint Laurent hip flask to carry on their person at all times. Goddamn you’re thoughtful.
$595, Saint Laurent Hip Flask

This is a 200-page, fully illustrated, wood-encased book about the greatest vintages of wine ever. Hopefully, someone gets the hint.
$845, The Impossible Collection of Wine

Giving someone this truffle shaver won’t guarantee that your next plate of risotto will enjoy a steady rain of truffles. But it’s sure not going to hurt things.
$22, Truffle Shaver

You could be responsible for the best plant-inside-a-ceramic-Diplodocus gift someone receives all year. Don’t squander that chance.
$39, Plantosaurus

Some people dream of owning cars. Some dream of owning houses. Hosts dream of having really nice, handmade, Brooklyn-born butcher blocks. They’re predictable like that.
$270-$296, Brickwork End Grain Cutting Board

And finally, a beautiful sword for decapitating champagne bottles, engaging in living room duels and conferring knighthood, should things take a strange turn.
$449, Briquet Champagne Sword
Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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