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Welcome to Guy Savoy’s Caviar Room

You Can Probably Guess What Goes On Inside

By Sam Eichner ·
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Legendary French Chef Guy Savoy: “Please join me in my caviar room.”

You: “I’m literally powerless to refuse this request.”

* * *

That exchange is, give or take reality, how you found yourself in the Caviar Room at Restaurant Guy Savoy—a higher-than-high-end hideaway for post-Colosseum dinners where the champagne flows and your primary utensil is a tiny silver spoon. It’s open now at Caesars Palace.

As you might expect with a place called the Caviar Room, this is a pretty exclusive affair. Just you, a date, nine strangers, wall art resembling a bottle of Sex Panther, amber vessels of cognac and... well, let this slideshow explain from here.

À la carte, you can obtain the good stuff by the ounce, along with some notable Savoy classics using caviar, and an ever-changing seasonal dish (right now, it’s the langoustine tartare with imperial golden osetra).

But what you’re really here for is the full tasting menu.

It’s a multicourse affair involving, amongst other delightful things, oysters, vodka martinis, champagne, caviar-slathered salmon and an elegant concoction with caviar, caviar cream, caviar vinaigrette and green bean puree.

Green bean puree is such a social climber.
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