Morimoto Las Vegas

Iron Chef Morimoto Enters MGM Grand

With Sushi, Sake and the Most Elite Cuts of Meat in Existence

By Sam Eichner ·
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The name is synonymous with wicked knife skills, impeccable sushi and you marathoning Iron Chef America reruns to your heart’s content.

Also: dinner tomorrow.

Because, at long last, the world-renowned Japanese chef’s first Las Vegas establishment finally opens Friday at MGM Grand.

It’s called Morimoto Las Vegas, obviously.

Here’s what’s not so obvious.

You’ll probably never try the same dish twice.
Reason being, there’s a sushi bar up front, a modern dining room with Japanese artwork and East-meets-West entrées, and a personalized omakase experience where they’ll note what you ate on previous visits to ensure that you don’t get it again the next time. (And there will be a next time.)

It’s the first Morimoto with a teppan station.
Where you’ll peer inside a glass-enclosed room filled with elite cuts of meat, make your choice, then watch them grill it right there at your table.

Yellowtail “pastrami” with gin crème fraîche is a thing.
As are duck meatball soup, oyster foie gras, vodka-and-sake libations and a downright devilish spiced-rum chocolate tart.

There’s also a life-size bust of Morimoto made completely out of rope.
Just so you know.

And this is a slideshow.
That one is actually pretty obvious.
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