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Your Days and Nights on the Upper East Side

Café in the Sunlight, Cocktails at Night

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Welcome to the sunny, crisp Friday known citywide as October 14, 2016.

There’ll never be another one.

So we advise you to spend part of yours at Cafe Americano, a handsome breakfast spot, lunch spot and cocktail bar, in that chronological order. It’s open now on the Upper East Side.

The East Pole, Brinkley’s, Pizza Beach, EastField’s. “Why are you naming random bars and restaurants?” you ask. Well, because the brothers in charge of those places are in charge here, too.

In short, it’s a sleek Parisian café that’s not in Paris. You’ll see. Depending on the time, you’ll indulge yearnings for salmon tartines with mascarpone, paninis with prosciutto and peaches, and entire menu sections dedicated to Negronis and spritzes (menu here).

Let’s go to the show of slides to see all that and other things...
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