Guadalupe Inn

The Agave Plant’s New Bushwick Home

Welcome to Guadalupe Inn

By Geoff Rynex ·
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What to know about Guadalupe Inn:

1. There’s now a place called Guadalupe Inn.

2. It’s a Mexican food establishment with a bar specializing in liquors derived from the regal agave plant.

3. It’s in Bushwick and opening tomorrow.

Okay, let’s get a little more detailed and less numbered...

That it’s tucked away amongst truck lots and mechanics’ garages belies its beauty.
Brilliant floral walls; custom, expanding copper shades; undulating banquettes. It’s a scene, man.

You can go the taco route.
If you’re the lengua type: they’ve got that with pickled red onion and avocado puree. If you’re the Mexican veal meatball type: a) cool, and b) that too is available, with egg, green rice and chipotle salsa.

... Or the sharing route.
Have you ever been at a place where they shave your al pastor taco meat off the spit and thought, “I wish I could just have that whole chunk of pork”? We have, too. And they make that an option here with the Trompito al Pastor—pork, guajillo chili, grilled pineapple, onion, cilantro, key lime, chile de arbol and tortillas. We’ve got a photo of that and a large roast chicken this way.

Either way, you’re going the drinks route.
Like we said, expect tequila and mezcal and the like. Right now, this crisp fall week, we recommend the Fall Fashioned—reposado tequila, applejack, spiced pear and aged bitters.

There’s a stage built for things that happen on stages.
Such as musical sound, burlesque, drag shows, etc.

The churros are—how do we say this?—almost sensual.
Geoff Rynex

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Guadalupe Inn
1 Knickerbocker Ave
(at Johnson)
Brooklyn, NY, 11237


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