Michelin-Starred Pastries in Williamsburg

They Get Pretty Wild

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Today we bring news of a place that’s sure to inspire a million obnoxious Instagrams of immaculate pastries from friends who seemingly don’t have to be at work until, what, 1pm? If ever.

Which is not to say you shouldn’t go and treat yourself to such a pastry at Butler, an ambitious bakery from a Michelin-starred chef, nestled in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge and open now.

Let’s say you wake up tomorrow with that oh-so-familiar jones for a savory ham muffin or a pecan sticky bun with miso toffee (menu here). Your best bet then is to walk through the door of this place, order one or both of those things and then retire to one of the gold tables next to the large window, basking in the light and in the majesty of modern urbanity.

Of course, your entire plan might be derailed by the time the breakfast empanada catches your eye, because it’s got eggs, smoked bacon and arugula, and it’s topped with dukkah, and these are tempting things. Tempting enough that it and many other of their offerings made their way into our slideshow of the place.

Funny how that happens.
Geoff Rynex

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95 S 5th St
(at Berry)
Brooklyn, NY, 11249


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