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From chef Harold Moore, the man who once fed you decadently at Commerce, here’s Harold’s Meat + Three: a low-key Southern-style eatery with a particularly descriptive name. It’s open now inside the Arlo Hotel Hudson Square.

And for being tucked inside of a hotel, it doesn’t feel like it’s tucked inside of a hotel. Read: big, bright, airy, good-looking. There is a salad bar, which makes sense in a kitschy sort of way.

Now, let’s picture you here for some casual outing or another.

You’ll grab a couple spots at the communal tables up front, by the open kitchen. Order something classic and alcoholic to start. A martini, say. A Negroni, perhaps. Then, consider your mains: things like fried chicken, citrus-encrusted lobster, prime rib (menu here). Choose the three most fitting sides (getting the name now?): grits, green bean casserole, elote and the like. Add some seared foie gras or thick-cut bacon, should you please. And that’s it—that’s how it goes around here.

Their brunch situation is also solid, with a bunch of boozy iced coffee options, avocado toast and french toast sticks, every damn day of the week.

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