Thai in a Rainbow Warehouse

Your New Fort Greene Date Spot is a Looker

By Ilana Dadras ·
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A strong contender for the most colorful warehouse for Thai-style lobster in recent memory is upon us.

It’s called Samui: a beauty of a Thai date spot located in the increasingly worthy-of-eating-in Fort Greene-Brooklyn Navy Yard area. It’s open now.

Let’s walk you through.

Everything is attractive.
The colorful geometric mural out front. The bright, plush banquettes snaking their way throughout. The soft light from candles and low-hanging geometric lanterns. (Honest, just look).

Stop by for breakfast.

Should you be in the area, they’ll be slinging sweets from Balthazar and coffee from Devoción.

But more importantly, come for dinner. And bring a date—those will go well here.

Thanks in part to the Thai whiskey-orange-pineapple-cilantro cocktails.

Other drinks to consider:
The cold sake-cucumber number and the Chili Margarita (tequila, jalapeño, pineapple, lime).

Now let’s discuss the brandied filet mignon tartare.
Start with that, before getting into the chicken-bamboo-squash curry or tamarind-peanut-sauce-topped lobster. (Menu’s right here.)

Don’t be surprised when your red onions look like tiny flowers and your sticky rice comes in the form of a sesame-sprinkled heart.
Really leaning into the date spot theme.
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