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By Geoff Rynex ·
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The good folks at Gallup rate the current approval of your US Congress, based in the District of Columbia, at a robust 18%.

We, however, have much more favorable news out of DC.

The good ship Cava Grill has arrived from said location. It’s a beloved fast-casual operation specializing in Mediterranean things served in pitas, grain bowls and salads, and it opens tomorrow.

Think of this as a much more interesting Sweetgreen, without the whole pompous lifestyle-brand aspiration aspect. Just you, an empty stomach and a promising horizon of pita stuffed with lamb meatballs, harissa, crumbled feta, olives, banana peppers and sriracha Greek yogurt (menu right here).

If that sounds terrible to you, fine, because the idea here is to build your own thing, and there’s a lot more to work with. So have a watermelon-mint juice (because those are universally loved), get creative and then grab a seat for some much-needed moments to yourself.

In summation, lambs, juices and the occasional “om” chant.
Geoff Rynex

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