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There’s a New Eataly in Town

Here’s What to Know About It

By Ilana Dadras ·
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You know Eataly.

You love Eataly. Mostly.

It thus follows that you’ll love the new Eataly Downtown, opening Thursday at 4 World Trade Center.

It’s simple logic. And it’s why we’re about to share some vital knowledge about the Batali-Bastianich crew’s latest outpost. We’ll do that right now, in fact:

The theme here is “bread.” No, really. It’s “bread.”
All of it’s baked in-house (obviously), and they’ve got bread styles from all over the world. Though the signature one is Pane Mediterraneo, made with a 35-year-old yeast and seven types of grains and seeds. Old = good in the yeast world.

They’re doing the breakfast thing.
Unlike the uptown counterpart, here you’ll be able to stop by and sit down for early-morning sustenance, such as pancakes with apple compote, grapefruit with a pistachio crumble and yogurt. Oh, that last description was too boring. Let us add that it has their own granola and brandied cherries.

This location is labyrinth-like, with tons of natural light but sadly less David Bowie.
You’ll find yourself wandering from a coffee bar to the butcher counter, to the fresh pasta area, to the smoothie station, to the gelato shop, to the flatbread counter... You get the idea. (Here’s your slideshow.) Not a terribly different situation from the original in terms of sheer number of sectors to visit.

And then, there’s a car full of various forms of prosciutto.
Which you’ll stop at for hand-sliced prosciutto di Parma, prosciutto di San Daniele and the ever-rare prosciutto Toscano. Again, in a car.

PS: The coffee bar turns into a wine bar at night.
Feels like something you should know.
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Eataly Downtown
4 World Trade Center, 3rd Fl
(at Church)
New York, NY, 10281


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