Drinking, Sleeping and Making Merry on This Irish Train

Basically, It’s a Traveling Irish Pub with Beds

By Becca Godwin ·
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There are pub crawls.

And then there are pubs that crawl.

Let’s entertain the latter.

Mainly because that’s one of the things that make up the Belmond Grand Hibernian, a new train tour with private cabins, two restaurants and a lively bar for you to imbibe in while you’re winded through the Irish countryside, now booking for two-, four- and six-night trips starting in September.

If you’re imagining tight quarters with bunk beds, you’ve got it all wrong. So imagine that for some reason a grand hotel was built in the length of a narrow alley. Imagine it was filled with things like local artwork, wool-blended carpets and walnut veneers. Imagine it was picked up and... ah, hell, just go ahead and see the slideshow.

It’d be fine if the train never stopped after leaving Dublin. The double and twin en suite cabins have wardrobes, writing desks and large windows. The restaurants have smoked fish, artisan cheese and fresh vegetables. The Observation Car mimics a Dublin saloon with live music, Irish whiskey and local stouts.

Alas, it will stop. To do things like take a guided tour about the Titanic, visit an area of around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns and sample 400-year-old whiskey at Old Bushmills Distillery.

Stretching your legs never felt so good.

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