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Thirsty? Have a Gin and Tonic App.

1,000 Gins, Rare Tonics and Recipes to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Kevin Gray ·
In your fight against summer, you can’t be expected to play fair.

Does the temperature play fair when keeping you barred indoors?

Does the sun play fair when trying to scorch your skin?

Point is, weather is weather, and as such, it doesn’t really care about you.

But this app...

This app contains more than 1,000 gins, lots of tonics and many, many combinations of the classic, refreshing, holy-hell-give-me-three-right-now gin and tonic. It’s called Ginto, and it’s available right this very second for Apple and Android devices. Because who still has a BlackBerry?

These are just a few ways this app may improve your life:

—Browse through the massive index of gins and mark the ones you’ve tried and/or want to try.

—Search by gin, tonic, country or even botanical, if you’re craving something with elderberry.

—Learn which tonic pairs best with which gin.

—Scroll through recipes to find every imaginable permutation of the two-part drink, and realize a new appreciation for the role of garnishes.

—Leave ratings and reviews to enlighten the community with your gin-fueled insights. Here, we’ll provide an example:

“After several drinks, I can officially confirm that this gin tastes of juniper. I like juniper. Are you supposed to eat the lime? I ate the lime.”

The community’s going to love you.
Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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