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It’s a Prix Fixe Banchan Situation, and It Is Glorious

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Sometimes you take a look at a menu and think, “Damn. One of everything would be nice. Alas, that is a desire both highly impractical and ultimately wasteful.”

Other times, that desire makes so much glorious sense.

And one of those times will be at Atoboy, a Korean spot that’s all about serving up small plates tasting-menu-style, open now in NoMad.

You’ll enter a sort-of-industrial-looking space (the MO in this area nowadays), and claim one of the wooden four-tops in the long row of them. What you’ll get into from there: a bit of everything, assembled by a chef formerly at the Michelin-starred Jungsik.

The menu’s right here. You may note it asks you to each choose three plates: the general idea here is to order a lot, be open to sharing and try a little bit of everything. Let your fork wander freely. Add more plates, should you desire more plates. Asparagus with spicy cod roe, beef tartare with oysters, chicken with spicy peanut sauce, brisket with foie gras and ginger—that’s all on the figurative table.

You may also note that it does not ask you to choose one of the soju cocktails. But some of those are here in the slideshow and we’ll just ask you to do that ourselves.
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