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A North Coast Leisure Dome Is Reborn

It’s Got an Outdoor Living Room with Ping-Pong and the Ocean

By Lauren Sloss ·
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“I’m going north. The wind has called upon me. I must fulfill my spiritual destiny. I must live. I must drink hot toddies and play ping-pong high above the Pacific Ocean.”

1) Never say those things out loud.
2) Totally do those things.

Preferably at Timber Cove, a completely revamped Sonoma Coast hotel just north of Jenner that’s taking reservations now and opening tomorrow. Here’s what it looks like.

“Holy shit” is an appropriate first response upon seeing this striking, Frank Lloyd Wright–y structure. The original Timber Cove came to be in the early ’60s, and this renovation has preserved much of the original exterior. Smart.

The inside, though, has been fully gutted and updated. It’s got 46 guest rooms complete with turntables and the type of elevated rusticity you’d expect from rooms with turntables in them. They have eight suites, too. The suites are nice. Get a suite.

You’d do just fine spending time out on your room’s ocean-facing balcony, but it’s worth venturing over to their new Coast Kitchen for a grilled ribeye, and the adjacent tasting room for a sampling of Sonoma wines.

And then there’s the outdoor Living Room. It’s got a fire pit and whiskey-spiked chamomile hot toddies. It’s got ping-pong and pool. It’s got the ocean.

It’s that big thing of saltwater. Can’t miss it.
Lauren Sloss

Lauren Sloss requires a climate that allows her to wear motorcycle boots daily. She likes her bourbon neat and her martinis dirty, and would like to be the lead singer of a punk rock band when she grows up.

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