The Fifty/50

This Isn’t the Fifty/50 That You Used to Know

Rum Slushies, Sports and Crispy Chicken Skins on Division

By Sam Eichner ·
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You know the Fifty/50.

Big sports bar on Division.

Great jumbo wings.

Enviable outdoor patio situation.

Well, after eight years, the place underwent a total revamp, and just reopened last night. It’s the same. But it’s also... not the same.

We’ll let the Thens and Nows explain...

The Atmosphere
Then: Your friendly neighborhood jerseys-on-the-wall, shot-doing, bottle-service-having establishment.
Now: It’s got the same neighborhood vibe, but more of the high-end feel you’ve come to expect from the guys responsible for the Berkshire Room and the Sixth.

The Space
Then: A sizable bi-level sports bar with large circular booths and front windows that open up to the aforementioned “enviable outdoor patio situation.”
Now: They’ve redone every inch of the place. Meaning: an extended bar, distressed wooden walls, dark brown leather booths and everything else in this slideshow.

The Food
Then: Wings slathered in housemade, aged buffalo sauce. Cold-smoked hamburger patties. That sort of thing.
Now: All of the above. Plus, more interesting stuff like French onion braised mussels, bone-in filets and crispy chicken skins.

The Drinks
Then: Beer, whiskey and their vodka-spiked Naughty Lemonade.
Now: Beer, whiskey, a mint-and-rum slushy, tobacco-y bourbon drinks and a special snow machine you won’t find anywhere else in the state.

The snow is for alcohol. It’s alcohol snow.
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