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If You’re Going to South America, You Might as Well Go to the South Pole, Too

By Becca Godwin ·
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A question you hear a lot: “How was your vacation?”

A question you don’t hear a lot: “How was your pre-vacation?”

A question you’ve never heard before: “What the fuck is a pre-vacation, and how do I get one?”

An answer: Polar Quest Excursions. They’re add-ons wherein you fly to the South Pole and stay at the full-service Union Glacier Camp before your Antarctica and Patagonia Seabourn cruise, booking now for December departures.

See the slideshow and understand how this South Pole trip is simply extending your vacation, on the front end.

But within that: options.

Name: Polar Quest & Patagonia.
Length: 15 days.
UNESCO World Heritage Site you’ll check off your list: Torres del Paine National Park in southernmost Chile.
Highlight: Exploring 450,000 acres of forests, lakes and virgin plains. Also, staying in a five-star hotel that used to be a refrigeration plant... and therefore houses a museum with 19th-century machinery.

Name: Polar Quest, Tierra del Fuego & Iguazú Falls.
Length: 17 days.
UNESCO World Heritage Site you’ll check off your list: Iguazú National Park on the border of Brazil and Argentina.
Highlight: Exploring the area where a river plunges over the basalt Paraná Plateau, subsequently creating 200 separate waterfalls and cascades up to 269 feet high.

Yes, that’s more than Niagara.

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