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Some Spectacular Italian Dating in Greenwich Village

It’ll Be Especially Cool if You Like Mozzarella

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Mi casa es su casa.

But it’s a humble, lofted alcove studio in Chelsea and I’m just not sure that really means anything to you.

A better casa for you might be Casa Apicii, a sexy new Italian spot from a favored LA chef, opening tonight in Greenwich Village.

Here’s a brief education:

It comes to us from a young West Coast gent.
His name’s Casey Lane, and people in LA love the hell out of Tasting Kitchen, his place there.

He’s got some decent help.
An A Voce Columbus chef helping in the kitchen, and an Employees Only cofounder and a Daniel vet coming together to see that the cocktails are up to par.

It’s a versatile place.
For two-person romantic dining rituals, stay in the cozy, velvet-and-marbleized front area and bar. For more boisterous times: the back dining room, equipped with starburst chandeliers and lengthy, plush leather banquettes. It’s also quaint enough to serve as your regular haunt, if you’re lucky enough to reside nearby.

“I feel like I’ve been here before,” you may think.
Yeah, this was where the Lion was. Remember that?

Mozzarella has its own menu section.
That’s five different mozzarella-focused dishes. Two of which you can pine for here.

Once you’re through that, on to pastas and ducks, chickens, two-person turbots and the like.
For example, the tagliatelle with chanterelles, pancetta and sage (menu here).

Or you can hold off on making decisions indefinitely.
There’ll be a four-course chef’s tasting menu each night, chosen by whim.

Careful thought is another possibility.
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