Don Pistos Tequila Bar

Fishbowls Full of Tequila Sound About Right

Don Pistos Has a New Tequila Bar. There’s Tequila There.

By Lauren Sloss ·
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We can all agree that tequila is magical, right?



Onward and upward to Don Pistos Tequila Bar, then. It’s a place that someone named really well because agave-based spirits are what they do, it soft-opens Tuesday in the Marina, and here’s the slideshow.

It’s got a modern Mexican feel similar to the original North Beach Pistos. But this iteration is brighter and cleaner, and puts out way more ’60s-San-Francisco-meets-Mexico-City vibes thanks to those flower-cut concrete blocks everywhere.

You could land in the dining room with this menu featuring favorites from the other Pistos. Tacos, sure. But also new things like braised-beef tamales and the Street Stand Burger made with Kobe beef. We’re guessing you’re going to head to the bar in the back, though. That’s where the tequila is.

You’ll drink it in one of four margaritas made with anything from cucumber to chili to strawberries. Or in a Paloma, laced with ginger beer or Mexican Squirt. Or maybe you’ll go for a michelada. Or the Basketcase, a rum-pisco-tequila punch that serves four and comes in a fishbowl.

We promised you a fishbowl.
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