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10 Summer Cocktails for Drinking Right Now

But Only One’s Named for Salt-N-Pepa

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 10 Photos 10 Summer Cocktails for Drinking Right Now
It’s summer. It’s hot. You’ve got two hands and a mouth.

And with that, the justification for drinking a refreshing cocktail is complete.

Now, what to drink...

Maybe something with gin and kiwi. Or vodka and blackberries. Obviously you’ll require sparkling-wine-topped aperitifs. That’s just a given.

And you can accomplish everything above by slipping into this comfortable slideshow of cold drinks. It’s sporting all the mouthwatering cocktails and corresponding recipes you’ll need to stay hydrated and entertain people on your patio.

So that covers your summertime to-do list.

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