Casa Cruz

Casa Cruz Is a Big Deal and in Town for a While

Jamón and Cocktails by Way of Argentina

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We trust the sky was sufficiently fiery for you last night.

And, well, much like the splendor of those sky-high patriotic explosives, there’s something beautiful but oh-so-fleeting to tell you about today.

It’s called Casa Cruz, and it’s an Argentine-influenced pop-up of a Buenos Aires and London favorite happening in Tribeca through July 18.

This is pretty huge in London at the moment. A lot of people in the more photographed-on-beaches professions are regulars, so there.

What you’ll get yourself into over the next couple weeks is a lot of richness and some meat-on-meat action. For example, truffled risotto with pork shoulder, pickled apples and Sbrinz cheese. Also: chicken with prosciutto. And more pork shoulder... with prosciutto.

Physically, you’ll be getting yourself into a highly copper-gilded and mirrored situation, with a large dish full of ice and champagne chilling atop a copper bar in the middle of it all. At that bar, you’ll not want for such drinkable things as peach margaritas and vodka/passion fruit punch.

We won’t tell if you don’t.


Casa Cruz
at Spring Studios
6 St. Johns Ln
(between Ericsson and York)
New York, NY 10013


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