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The Heated, Battery-Powered Knife Your Butter Deserves

Prepare to Eat a Lot More Toast

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Welcome back. We trust that you enjoyed the long weekend, grilled something good and craned your neck upward to watch colorful explosions in the sky.

We meant to do that...

Just couldn’t stop thinking about butter.

Because when butter is soft and spreadable, it’s perfect. But waiting for it to get that way so you can actually deploy the stuff without mangling your bread...

That’s a real problem.

Well, real enough for this gizmo to exist. It’s called EasiSpread, and it’s a butter knife with a heated blade that lets you spread straight-from-the-fridge butter onto bread, bagels or anything else that would benefit from a little churned cream. Naturally, this is a Kickstarter operation, and it’s available for preorder now.

It looks like a knife. Operates like a knife. Basically, it’s a knife. But there’s a button on the handle. Press that button, and the blade heats up in five short seconds, which is your cue to begin slathering butter onto your nearest carbohydrate.

You charge the knife by setting the handle into a docking station. Because of course there’s a docking station. So keep it powered up, and you’ll always be just five seconds away from perfectly spreadable butter.

It’s either that or letting your butter sit at room temperature for 15 minutes.

And no one has time for that nonsense.

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