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What to Know About 1633

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Okay, adventure time.

At 1633, an eclectic curio of a dinner and cocktail establishment on the Upper East Side. It’s open now.

Here’s what you need to know:

First, you must enter.
Wait, there’s more. You must enter through the unmarked door, and then walk past the kitchen. Then you’re in the dining room.

Once you emerge, whoa.
Weird fountains, diner tables, floral curtains, a landscape mural, a deer head, lots of brick. Somehow, it works.

They’re describing the whole food situation as “progressive Grecian.”
Translation: Greek- and Mediterranean-influenced things made with some admirable creativity.

Creativity like...
... an entire portion of the menu called Liquid Food, which consists of Maine lobster cappuccino with pancetta croutons. Lot of molecular-gastronomy-type stuff (menu here). And if you were wondering if there’s a gyro pizza topped with pork belly and lamb shoulder, fontina, cream of tzatziki, roasted tomatoes and onion relish... there is.

Don’t sleep on the bread basket.
It’s a bunch of breads, obviously, with tubed butter and bottled thyme-and-oregano olive oil, less obviously.

The man behind the alcoholic-beverage program comes here by way of Dutch Kills and Maison Premiere.
Yeah, fine, he’ll do.

Here’s a selection of his bottled cocktails.
Specifically, the B.B. Cooler (vodka, lemon, elderflower, cucumber water), the Dog Star (pisco, pineapple, lime, curaçao, Chilean bitters) and the Metatron’s Cup (Aperol, lemon, cantaloupe, salt).

You can see the place and a bunch more food here.

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