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A Custom Kitchen for Cooking Gourmet Meals Outdoors

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When you’re out camping in the wilderness, you’ve got a few options for food.

You could subsist on granola bars.

Try your luck cooking over an open fire.

Pluck salmon from the river like a grizzly.

Or cook a four-course meal on your elaborate mobile kitchen.

That last one sounds pretty good. Well, provided the salmon thing doesn’t work out.

This is Scout Overland Kitchen, a new custom-built kitchen that can fit a range of vehicles and accommodate a stove, a sink, storage and counter space for those times when you really want to eat some chateaubriand before retiring to your tent. They’re taking online orders now, and you can see it in action here.

The contraption itself is a tiered drawer system that mounts into your cargo area, and everything slides into something else to maximize space. So you’ve got plenty of room for utensils and spices. A pull-out cutting board. A water pump, faucet and soap dispenser. A collapsible sink. And if you’d like (you’d like), they can build in a range top and fridge.

So when you park and unfurl the thing, you’re manning an actual kitchen where you can make actual food that you actually want to eat. That leaves more time for all your favorite camping activities, like hiking, fishing, making s’mores and whittling squirrels out of wood.

Or whatever your woodland creature of choice is.

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