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Guess What Zadie’s Oyster Room Is

You’re Correct

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On this, hopefully the last meaningful day of labor of the week for you, we’d like to offer a gift of top-notch mollusks.

So we’re gonna do that now.

The gift is at Zadie’s Oyster Room, a charming first-date nook of your favorite bivalves and the potables that pair oh so well with them. It’s open now in the East Village from Marco Canora, the man behind that stalwart, Hearth.

For a brief time, this was Fifty Paces, a nice wine spot with a penchant for bone broth. But bone broth is a bit out of season, oysters are more appealing, and no one said they had to get rid of the wine, so here we are.

We’re in a place reminiscent of the classic oyster houses of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Since you weren’t around then, take that to mean there’s just about as much bar space as actual seating, and the whole thing’s likely to carry a jovial, intimate vibe.

About the oysters: right now, we know what you’re thinking—“Delightful, I could go for an iced tray of raw oysters, arranged in a pretty circle like they are.” It’s a good thought, and that will happen. But you’ll also retain the option to have your oysters baked, broiled, steamed, fried, pickled or poached. Accompany these things with kelp slaw or brown bread with anchovy butter, and you’re doing fine.

Other options available to you come in glasses filled with things like sparkling rosé, cider and fortified wine.

“Alcohol,” we think they call it.

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