Le Coucou

Beautiful French Dating in Little Italy

Daniel Rose’s American Debut Is Significant

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Daniel Rose is an American chef who’s already done the Paris thing. Done it well.

A fine résumé builder for doing the Stephen-Starr-backed-date-spot-tucked-inside-Little-Italy thing...

It’s called Le Coucou, it’s a beautiful French spot you will utilize for third dates and group dates, and it’s now open.

Inside: ornate chandeliers, whitewashed brick, a particularly well-executed nature mural, the open kitchen from which duck will be paired with cherries and foie gras before being placed between you and the specific someone you’re about to take to Le Blond for a nightcap. It’s how we see your evening progressing, anyway.

Now let’s do the rest of this with a bit of visual aid...


Le Coucou
138 Lafayette St
(at Howard)
New York, NY 10013


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