Peru or Italy—The Choice Is All Yours

Trekking Through Incan Ruins and/or a Sardinian Path

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None 16 Photos Trek to the Cradle of Gold and Wild Blue Trek
Trekking in Italy.

Trekking in Peru.

The choice, dear reader, is up to you.

And with that little ditty, time to meet two new challenging-but-totally-worth-it trips in Peru and Italy, both booking now.

If you have the resources to do both this year, wonderful. (You can see the slideshow here.) But should you need some additional help contrast-and-compare-ing...

Trek to the Cradle of Gold
Length: 13 days.
Route: The highlight is Choquequirao, a true “lost city of the Incas.” It has no road access, it sits at 10,000 feet, and 40% of its ruins are still undiscovered. Probably because of those other two things just mentioned.
Food: A sample day could be pancakes for breakfast, guacamole salad for lunch, popcorn for a snack and a three-course meal for dinner. Popcorn snacks: crucial.
Accommodations: A mix. Eight nights in a mountain-style tent, three nights in a renovated colonial manor house. One night in the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.

Wild Blue Trek
Length: Seven days.
Route: Hiking along narrow paths on the Orosei coastline; making pit stops to swim in hidden coves, drink with locals and explore a cave.
Food: A typical dinner includes Sardinian roast meat (pork, veal, goat...), antipasti, cold fish, dessert, wine and a digestive.
Accommodations: Option one: say nothing and let them find you a nice hotel every night. Option two: request the customized trip that includes overnights in a boat.

Clue: silence is never the answer.

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