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You’re Investing in Steaks and Burgers Now

Crowdfunded Purebred Meat Delivered to Your Door

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
In this scenario, you play the savvy investor always on the lookout for a big score.

And we’ll play the inside man with a hot stock tip for you.

That tip: burgers and ribeyes.

Buy low from Honest Beef, a ranch-to-plate company crowdfunding shares of whole purebred Angus cows, so you get highborn steaks from a single organism, online now. We’ll give you a minute to restructure your 401(k) accordingly.

Great, now, let’s not get into all the distasteful stuff that may be lurking in the average burger patty constituted from 50-some cows dragged from the feedlot to the slaughterhouse to the packing plant. Even if we just did.

Let’s get into this company instead. They’re working with Nebraska’s Connealy Angus Ranch, offering you shares of specific cows, so you’ll always know the origin and practices behind the beef you’re eating. They even have online pedigrees for each heifer if you want to read up on your dinner.

All you do is order the specific cuts that are currently available. Say, tenderloins, ribeyes, marrow or burger patties. Or preorder future cuts that will be ready once orders for a specific whole animal have been completed. Maybe you’ll claim the brisket and ribs, while someone else calls dibs on the flank.

Once ready, the people at Honest Beef will handle all the aging and butchering before shipping your cuts straight to your door.

You’ll have to source your own single-potato fries.

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